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Morning Raga: The Enakkul Oruvan Audio Launch Report


enakkul-oruvan-audio-launch-lq-069Silverscreen goes to the Enakkul Oruvan audio launch

We love it when our Mondays begin with awesome music. Even better when it is the music of Santhosh Narayanan. When we walked into the audio launch event of Enakkul Oruvan, we were greeted by the energetic beats of Prabalamaagave. And Santhosh, who had just received the title of Isai Beerangi from a member of the audience, walked swiftly up the stage and started belting out Kaatu Poochi from the soundtrack. Along with Sean Roldan.

So, it was perhaps the best ever live performance in recent times. When they were all done, it took a while for the audience to put down their phones (everybody was busy capturing it for posterity) and start clapping. “Thank you for the response. Manickavinayagam sir has rendered the original, so when you guys hear the track, engaloda voice ah marandhuduveenga.”

In no time at all, the teaser of Enakkul Oruvan was screened. With its stylish visuals, amazing music and the rockstar that Siddharth is, the teaser elicited wolf whistles from the crowd. Wearing diamond studded shoes, a sharp suit and that funky new hairstyle, Siddharth was back to “reign over the hearts of young girls all over”. So said the host.

We also got to watch the visuals of the songs, Yendi Ippadi and Prabalamagave. The former is a folk number in Santhosh Narayanan’s voice, with the angst-ridden lyrics of Ganesh Kumar Krish while Prabalamaagave, with its heavy use of EDM, instantly strikes a chord. The lyrics by Muthamizh are very evocative.

A procession of celebrities then followed; all with ties to Thirukumaran Entertainment, brimming with praise for its head, CV Kumar. Santhosh Narayanan, though, refused to be a part of it. “I think I’ll have to say something about CV Kumar now…but I don’t want to,” he declared. Also part of this brigade was Siddharth who insisted on calling his producer ‘da‘. “I know it would come as a surprise to you all, but the truth is that CVK is younger than me, and I’m well within my rights as an elder to call him anything I want. In fact, I wanted to produce the Lucia remake in Tamil, but I heard some guy from Tamil Nadu had already purchased it. Only after a while, I got to know that it was CVK…so naa nalla producer ah varadhu kooda kettu pochchu!”

Enakkul Oruvan Audio LaunchAlso among the audience were Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Khushbu Sundar, close friends of Siddharth. Both actresses went on stage to gush about their love for Santhosh Narayanan and showered him with compliments until he blushed.

When it was time for Vijay Sethupathi to go onstage, the audience erupted into deafening screams of ‘Paaah’ and ‘Kumudha epdi annachi’, the actor’s cult dialogues. Sethupathi, though, had some very good business advice for CV Kumar. “AVM Studio aarambicha maadiri, CVK Studios start pannunga sir,” he said and helped launch the audio along with Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Khushbu Sundar.

Enakkul Oruvan is directed by Prasath Ramar and is produced by Thirukumaran Entertainment in association with Y Not Studios and Radiance Media.

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