Thottal Thodarum Audio Launch Report

Silverscreen goes to the Thottal Thodarum Audio Launch


It was payback time for the guests at the audio launch event of Cable Sankar’s Thottal Thodarum. Cable Sankar, a former movie critic,  had at some point or the other been at odds with most of these people owing to his brutally honest reviews. “Cable Shankar has never been intentionally cruel to anybody. He has always pointed out the places where the movie could have been better. Filmmakers are a sensitive lot and can’t handle criticism even if it is constructive. So, they have had issues with him” said the films producer Thuvar G Chandrasekharan.

Karthik Subbaraj was of the same opinion. “Shankar Anna always means well but sometimes, he’s misunderstood. ” He also talked about his long association with the newbie director. “I had heard of Cable Shankar before but met him by chance at a karaoke place. There was this guy singing old Ilaiyaraja songs with a lot of heart, if not talent,” he laughs. “It was only later that I realized that the singing star was actually Shankar. And since then we’ve been good friends!” When Karthik faced some difficulties with getting a producer for his script and briefly entertained thoughts of producing the movie himself, it was Cable Shankar who dissuaded him. In a way. “It’s a funny story really. I met Shankar at a coffee shop and asked him to explain the technicalities behind producing a movie. We spoke for some three four hours and at the end, I decided not to produce after all. Jokes apart, this guy is an authority on all things cinema!”

Libra Productions Ravinder Chandrasekharan had a similar experience with Shankar too. “I was an NRI and when I came here, the first thing I did was meet people to get to know the cinema industry here. So naturally I met Shankar and he gave me this huge book on cinema. After I finished reading it, I didn’t want to produce movies after all. But that’s not his fault really. He had my best interests at heart and only wanted me to clearly know the pitfalls Before I step in to the industry!” He also wished the Thottal Thodarum team all the very best and hoped that the film gets critical acclaim at the Box Office.

Santhosh Narayanan has been on the receiving end of Cable Shankar’s criticisms one too many times. “He is a very straightforward person. Painfully so. He loved the songs of Attakathi and he immediately called me to tell me so. He hated one song on Pizza, and he shared that with me as well before putting it up on his blog. So, I know for sure PC Shivan had a hard time working with Shankar. If he didn’t like the tunes, he’d have probably written a lengthy post about it on his blog,” he quipped.

PC Shivan , a former IIT graduate, has scored the music for the film. He was ecstatic at the response to the promo song Bossu Bossu from Thottal Thodarum. “This is the result of a lot of hardwork and patience. I studied engineering and switched over to composing music. My parents didn’t understand but chose to support me anyway.  So I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one who supported me- my parents, my wife, my in-laws and my friends!”

The audio was launched by Keyaar and AM Rathnam in the presence of the lead pair Thaman Kumar – Arundhati, Director Cable Shankar and Producer Thuvar G Chandrasekhar. The film will hit the theatres soon.



1. The director was originally a cable TV operator. Hence the name – Cable Shankar. Sometimes, things are that easy.

2. Arundhati wore yellow. A definite step up from this black outfit she wore to the Netru Indru press show.

3. Lots of black shirts and t-shirts today. Santhosh Narayanan, Ravinder Chandrasekharan,Karthik Subbaraj all went super goth on us.

4. Keyaar went on a rant against Tamil heroes. He said that they don’t know how to choose scripts. Wouldn’t name names though.

5. Actress Madhumita wore shades on stage for a good 20 minutes. The lights were too bright. Obviously.