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Dhanush Twitter Chat: Anegan and More

RedditWhatsapp Copyrighted PhotosOn the eve of Anegan‘s release, Dhanush interacted with his fans on Twitter for 30 minutes. From his upcoming releases to favourite stars, the actor batted every query with ease.

This time around, there were also some unusual questions. For instance, one guy wanted to know the name he’s saved Sivakarthikeyan under – on his phone.


This is not a surprise, really. He has been friends with the whole industry.

Thankfully, we didn’t see any howlers from Ajith’s fans.

His all-consuming passion: Acting

We can still see a ray of hope.

He also plays four roles in Anegan.

That fan, who can’t care about anything else, but how Dhanush is doing. Way too caring.

He didn’t dodge those controversial questions too.

Remember Dharumi’s questions in Thiruvilaiyaadal?

Here, we must remind ourselves that Dhanush made a special appearance in Mammooty’s Kammath & Kammath.

Almost a confession.

That’s news.

That film will be explosive.

Now is the time to borrow Vadivelu’s favourite dialogue – Room pottu yosipaangalo!


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