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‘What Worked Is Good Content’: Vaibhav Reddy On Meyaadha Maan’s Success


In his latest movie Meyaadha Maan, Vaibhav Reddy’s character is called Idhayam Murali, named after a character so shy that he can’t bring himself to reveal his love to the girl he’s smitten by. In real life, Vaibhav says he’s not very different. He’s an introvert to a fault, struggles to make conversation with strangers, stays away from publicising his work, and is happiest in the company of people he knows.

“All I focus on is work. I bond well with Venkat Prabhu, and I am one of the ‘boys’, but other than that I don’t network. The script is most important, and all I seek are characters that call for some performance,” says Vaibhav, nearly two weeks after Meyaadha Maan, his Deepavali release, has raked in the moolah and brought in bouquets galore.

And, even this success has done nothing to Vaibhav. He seems to live Rudyard Kipling’s quote: “If you can meet with triumph and disaster. And treat those two impostors just the same…” “In fact,” laughs Vaibhav,” my friends and family often ask me if I’m acting at home or while on the sets, because I don’t seem to be reacting to the film’s reception at all. But, why is it important to flaunt one’s work? Is your work not your calling card? So, I just go with the flow, with no specific intent.”

Though he shies away from too many conversations, Vaibhav manages to hold on to the few he has. “That is how I pick up some traits of quirky characters; they stay deep inside me and pop up when needed. Other than that, I observe my directors a lot. I’m not the type who does homework for a film, but when I feel comfortable on the sets, magic happens.”

Vaibhav, like many others in his category, loves working with new directors. “I like that they give it their all; they have to prove themselves. They bring new thoughts, new storylines. I am very fond of Karthik (Kappal),” he says.

Staying away from the crore clubs, Vaibhav says he’s delighted his film has done well enough to recover its investment. “What worked is good content. It helped that during festival times, people like a choice in the theatres. This time, it was only Mersal. And so, despite not being a typical festival film, it has done well.”

The actor has already completed work on RK Nagar, produced by Venkat Prabhu. “Whenever Venkat writes, he tries his best to avoid creating a character for me. But, when you see the film, I’ll somehow be a part of it!” he smiles. He says that whenever there’s been a setback Venkat has always bailed him out with a hit.

Another film will be announced next week. And then, Vaibhav will get back to reading scripts again. And if a role fascinates him, even if it just two scenes long, he will take it up. “I don’t believe in the length of the role. I must do it well; it’s all that matters.”

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