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Krish Interview: ‘What’s Meant To Be, Will Be’

In person, there’s an intriguing philosophical air to singer-actor Krish, as he recounts the twists and turns of his career. From the start, he says, he set out to be an actor. He went all the way to New York to learn his craft. He even worked on the sets of The Cosby Show and National Treasure Part 2, an experience that instilled a strict work ethic in him, in addition to a new appreciation for pre-production work. He says, “I was part of a team that worked around fourteen months on figuring out how to plan the movie alone. That’s really something. Especially when you see how the industry works here. While a lot of production houses insist on meticulous planning, there are also quite a few who say, “‘Sir, en kitta one crore irukku, apdiye padam panni mudichudalam. Meedhi loan la paathukalaam. Konjam fast ah mudinga please, interest rate increase aayida koodadhu.’—That’s just insane.”

Krish credits Harris Jayaraj, his ‘elder brother’, for all that is happening in his career now. Everything began with June Ponaal July Kaatrae, he says. Quite fittingly, his debut film Puriyatha Anantham Puthithaga Aarambam, has bagged itself a June release date too. A coincidence, Krish remarks, “But a happy one, nonetheless.”


He’s had a prolific singing career, and his artistry in songs like Sakiye, Oru Mugamo, Adiye Kolludhae, and many others have fetched him more than just critical acclaim. Krish also has an ardent fan base, which in fact, urged him to launch an acting career from the very beginning. “Though I received many offers, and [much] advice from people to act, things never really fell into place as perfectly as [they] did with Puriyatha. Many [people], including my wife Sangeetha, told me that I’d do quite well if I chose to begin acting, since I’ve done quite a few musical shows. I have gone out on stage to entertain thousands of people day in and day out. In a way, isn’t that what acting is all about?”

Despite having several good film offers, Krish decided to wait. In the process, he even missed out on some excellent roles. For instance, when KV Anand approached Krish with a pivotal role in Ko, Krish refused, as he was only interested in playing the lead. The role Anand had in mind for him eventually went to Ajmal, who went on to garner much acclaim for his performance. “KV Anand sir was most insistent that I play that role. At the time, I was not looking to do something like that. In my decision to wait, I’ve lost out on a few important bits. But, it doesn’t matter in the end. This is how it was meant to be.”

Even during singing career, Krish acknowledges that he missed out on some popular hits. Although that wasn’t entirely his doing. He says with a smile, “I was supposed to sing Kangal Irandal in Subramaniapuram.” And then I’m in for a treat, because he sings out a couple of verses from the song. Quite beautifully, of course. “I called James Vasanthan sir after I heard him say on an interview that I [had been] his first choice for the song. I was miffed. He said that someone had told him that I wasn’t available.” “Assumptions are the worst man,” he tells me ruefully and follows it up with a prosaic, “It wasn’t meant to be after all, I guess.”

PAPA though is well worth the wait. The love story focusses on a young man, Bharathi and his romance with Nila, a girl he meets by chance. It’s an authentic film, he tells me, set in Madurai—’a perfect blend of the past and the present’. “Madurai is not all aruva nowadays. It’s sophisticated and has a lot of IT companies. I play an educated young man who falls in love with a girl and takes his time to propose to her. The little things that make up their courtship is what this film is all about.”

In addition to his gratitude to Harris Jayaraj for his acting debut, he also credits KV Anand. “Rowther sir saw me in Gala Gala song in Ko, and wanted to cast me in this movie. If Harris hadn’t heard me sing somewhere and asked me to sing for Unnale Unnale, all this wouldn’t be possible. I wouldn’t have met my wife Sangeetha [if it hadn’t] been for him.”

Right now, Krish is waiting on the audience’s reaction to his acting in PAPA. “I’m satisfied that I’ve given the film my all. But, I am not the greatest at gauging what the audience do or don’t like so I do not know how this film is going to fare. What is meant to be, will happen. We’ve got no control over it.”