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Mother’s Day Special : 5 Songs You Do Not Want To Listen TO

Today is Mother’s day.


The day Facebook timelines are filled with corny messages from friends about the virtues of selfless motherhood. Also the day Twitter timelines are filled with corny messages from celebrities about the virtues of selfless motherhood.

Different people celebrate Mother’s day differently. Some take their moms out to dinner. Others to movies. Some buy them gifts.

Let’s say you celebrate Mother’s day a certain way.

You sit next to your mom and open up your laptop. Then you navigate to youtube and listen to a certain number of songs that commemorate motherhood. Then you high five her and say,


Amma, “That was ‘7 great songs for Mother’s day.’ Do you feel valued?”

Then this article is for you. It makes sure you don’t listen to songs that will leave you bawling together. Or cringing together.


1. Amma Endraale from Nandha. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja and sung by Ilaiyaraaja.   It is a lovely song, but probably not an appropriate for  Mother’s day.  Go ahead, watch it and find out why.


2. En Thaayenum Kovil from Aranmanai Kili is a depressing number where actor Rajkiran cries his heart out over the demise of his beloved mother. We think it will be slightly awkward to watch this together with (your respective) ammas.

3. Kalaiyil Dhinamum from New is a hit AR Rahman number . Everything about this song is perfect, except for unsettling closeups of SJ Suryah’s lips as he feeds his mom. Who happens to be Devayani.

4. Sondham Endru Vandhavale from Thaalatu Padava is another Ilaiyaraaja classic. Not. This song plays with the title card and talks about the sufferings of a mom and son. Probably should not be part of your Mother’s day listening. Possibly should not be part of your Any Day listening.

5. Ponna Pola Aatha from Enna Vittu Pogadhe is a song on the lines of En Thaayenun Kovil. One major difference is that actor Ramarajan plays the suffering son, instead of Rajkiran. That’s not a major difference, you say?