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Oops! 7 Awkward Event Moments Of 2015

2015 witnessed several great event moments. We were there through the year, at press meets, audio launches, movie launches, and of course, the celebratory success meets. (Thankfully, the ‘Teaser Success Meet’ trend died with Anjaan last year.) Meeting our favourite artists face-to-face. Exhilarating moments. Memorable moments. But, as at all events, there were also several cringe-worthy moments. Here’s a list of the top most awkward event moments from 2015:


1. ‘Oops, We Forgot Nayanthara’: Thani Oruvan Press Meet :

Thani Oruvan was a massive hit. It revived director Mohan Raja’s career, who finally got past the ‘Remake Raja’ tag. At the success meet, both he and his brother Jayam Ravi were so emotional, they were in tears. And all the tears seem to have fogged their memory. Because, guess what, not one of the crew, in any of their speeches, mentioned lead actress Nayantara. The PRO had to hand over a reminder slip before Raja talked about her. One scrupulous journalist caught him red-faced with the question, “Did you just remember?” Mohan Raja had no reply to that, just a sheepish grin.

2. Battered Vishal: Nadigar Sangam Elections :

Kollywood’s biggest spectacle this year happened off-screen, at the Nadigar Sangam elections. The drama reached its peak on D-Day when a scuffle broke out between members, leaving behind a physically injured Vishal. The blame games began immediately, with members of both parties accusing the other of starting the scuffle. As if the the situation wasn’t grim enough already.

3. All Is Not ‘Fair’: Uyire Uyire Audio Launch :

At arguably one of the most drab audio launches this year, some spice was added courtesy Tollywood producer Subirami Reddy. Of all the things to compliment her on, Subirami Reddy decided to praise actress Hansika’s skin colour. Veteran actress Sripriya was quick to pull him up, reminding him that colour doesn’t determine beauty. Leaving behind a rather red-faced Reddy.

4. Being Inappropriate – Inimey Ippadithan Audio Launch :


At only his second film as the main lead, actor Santhanam was beaming throughout the event. But things turned awkward when Simbhu decided to steal his thunder, by ranting about his personal life. “I did not have anything in these two and a half years – no movies, no money and even my girlfriend left me,” said Simbu. Thus far, his comments were totally disconnected from the film. Then, he decided to take credit for at least a part of Santhanam’s success, “I am also proud to have recognised Santhanam’s talent before anyone else.” Guess he’s not familiar with Lollu Sabha.

5. Can We Get A Refund? – Bruce Lee 2 Audio Launch :

Following Mahesh Babu’s appearance at the audio launch of Selvandhan, Ram Charan decided to attend the audio launch of Bruce Lee 2, the dubbed version of Bruce Lee: The Fighter. But the enthusiastic Ram Charan fans at the event had sullen faces when they realised that their star had missed his flight. They had to settle for cheering loudly every time the guests mentioned him or his father Chiranjeevi.

6. To Clean Or Not To Clean – The Clean Chennai Campaign :


The Nadigar Sangam did a commendable job when it came to rescue and relief measures during the floods in Chennai. Then they decided to start a campaign called ‘Clean Chennai‘ – complete with cleaning gear, including gloves, brooms, and bleaching powder. But the size of the crowd at the location was alarming, and the event turned into a mere photo-op as the actors ended up relocating garbage. From one trashcan to another.

A War Of Words – Simbu’s Nadigar Sangam Press Meet :

It was called a meeting for truce, over the issue-ridden Nadigar Sangam. It turned into one of the most harsh, hate spewing speeches by a mainstream actor yet. Simbu went ballistic over Vishal, calling him everything, from a traitor to a ‘cunning fox’. To make things worse, a bunch of STR fans mocked a journalist’s question, leading to an argument between the journalists and Simbu.