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‘I Want To Do A Historical Film’: The Sanchita Shetty Interview

Sanchita Shetty is pretty strait-laced in our interview. She doesn’t put a toe of line, and even declares that she receives criticism with equanimity. “When I entered the industry, I’d run to my mother and complain to her whenever I heard or read something about me. Now though, I keep a cool head,” she says.


Her latest film, Rum – directed by Sai Bharath – is a horror-thriller. You can expect “some cold-blooded horror,” laughs Sanchita. Pizza 2 (2013) was of the same league, and Soodhu Kavvum had its own share of crime. “But I have played other roles, too,” she says, “I play a rural village girl in Enkitta Mothathey – it’s an intense one.”


As a preppy 17-year-old straight out of school, Sanchita Shetty made her debut in Kannada cinema back in 2006. A decade later though, she still considers herself a newcomer. “I forayed into Tamil cinema after a break, but wasn’t working extensively. When Soodhu Kaavum happened, I began getting opportunities to work with senior actors like Vijay Sethupathi and Jayam Ravi.”

The actress still gets called ‘Shalu’, thanks to Soodhu Kavvum. “People would ask me what it’s like to be a ‘dream girl’. The role is special to me. When I got it, I had no idea how to go about it. No reference, nothing.”

It did not deter her back then, and it still doesn’t. “I don’t just physically prepare for a role, I go beyond mugging up lines – and put myself in the character’s shoes.”

The role that she dreams of, however, is a far cry from the ones she has done before. “I want to do a historical film. Something along the lines of Baahubali. I’d love to prep for such a role, learn more things. Like sword-fighting and horse-riding.” 



Sanchita continues to be prim with her answers in our interview. A question about her relationship with female colleagues in the industry is met with a firm: “There’s no bad blood between us. Even recently, I met Tamannaah Bhatia at an event, and appreciated her role in a movie. Other actresses too, might meet me and say nice things. There’s genuine appreciation.”

Never anything unpleasant?

“It’s always cordial,” she says.

Rum, starring Hrishikesh, Sanchita Shetty, Narain, and Vivek releases tomorrow.


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