Why Did Sivakarthikeyan Break Down at Remo Thanksgiving Meet?

Remo’s thanksgiving meet happened mere days after the release of the film. The romantic comedy, by debut director Bakkiyaraj Kannan,  went on to collect Rs 33 Crores worldwide in its opening weekend alone.


This should have comforted the film’s lead actor.

Inexplicably, it didn’t. When time came for Sivakarthikeyan to have his say onstage, the actor broke down mid-way through a speech about the difficulties he faced while trying to release Remo.

“RD Raja and I never wanted to snatch anyone’s victory, all we want is to work hard and entertain audience. Please allow us to work, till today since we started Remo, Raja has not slept. We are not asking them to help or support us, as media and audience are there for us. We are only requesting them to not hinder our hard work.”

Sivakarthikeyan’s outburst garnered him support from STR, Vishal.

Noted distributor Tirupur Subramaniam claims to know the real reason behind Sivakarthikeyan’s public outburst. In a conversation with Silverscreen, the distributor said, “I’m really impressed with the work ethic shown by Remo producer RD Raja and Sivakarthikeyan. When I heard of him breaking down onstage, I immediately called him up. That’s when Siva told me his troubles.”

According to Tirupur Subramaniam, Sivakarthikeyan was paid a certain sum of money as advance by Escape Artists’ Madan, Studio Green’s KE Gnanavel Raja, and Vendhar Movies’ S Madhan a couple of years ago. However, the actor allegedly failed to follow through on his promise and did not take up their projects.

Reportedly, the star announced that he would only work in films that had RD Raja as the producer.

This has shocked the producers P Madan and S Madan as they had been waiting for Sivakarthikeyan to finish his commitments before starting work on their respective projects.


Producer RD Raja, who earlier functioned in a managerial capacity for Sivakarthikeyan, categorically denied these claims. “There were discussions with various producers. But we never took any advance payment from them. The producers we took advance from, we took it right to the finish line.”

This issue seems to have become the lone stumbling block in Remo’s release plans.

The film was announced in October 2015, and was wrapped up in August this year. Shortly after this, producer P Madan is said to have approached Sivakarthikeyan to remind him about their ‘agreement’. With Sivakarthikeyan denying knowledge of any such aggreement, the issue escalated. Another producer is said to have accused Sivakarthikeyan of cheating him.

A representative of Vendhar Movies’ S Madhan (who disappeared earlier this year), P Madan, and KE Gnanavel Raja approached the TFPC and filed a complaint against Sivakarthikeyan.

It was only after many last minute discussions that the film went on to release.


True to his word, actor Vishal has stepped in to mediate. Vishal told Silverscreen that the discussions have been working out ‘well’. “Out of the three producers, Sivakarthikeyan has agreed to work in a film for one. The Nadigar Sangam stands behind Sivakarthikeyan and we’ll do our utmost to provide help to make sure all issues are resolved.”

Meanwhile, KE Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green is said to have a copy of an agreement between his production house and Sivakarthikeyan. This proof is said to have been presented to the Council. A source at the TFPC says, “Mostly, Sivakarthikeyan will work for Studio Green as soon as he completes his other commitments. Expect a formal announcement soon. Things with the other two producers are still being worked out.”

With Vishal losing his Producer’s council membership recently, the discussions have been stalled yet again, we hear.

Tirupur Subramaniam though is hopeful. “Siva always lands on his feet. Just wait and watch!”