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AL Alagappan Condemns Thanu’s Statement Of Support To R Sarathkumar

Producer and actor AL Alagappan condemned Kalaipuli S Thanu for using the Producers Council’s name when he announced his support for R Sarathkumar in the forthcoming hNadigar Sangam elections, which is scheduled for October 18. An official press release from the producer stated that the Nadigar Sangam elections were happening democratically after years, and at this juncture, talking about compromise would be against the law. Also, after Vishal had openly stated that his team wouldn’t settle for a compromise, AL Alagappan questioned Kalaipuli S Thanu’s intervention in another institution’s elections.


AL Alagappan said, “I have been a part of the producers, actors, and distributors association for a long time. In my 40 years of experience, no association has intervened in another body’s election. Thanu has gone ahead and announced that the Producers Council would support R Sarathkumar in the election. This decision was taken without any discussion. If Thanu wants to support Sarathkumar, he can do it personally. It is not fair to use the Producers Council’s name without any discussion with the other members.”

AL Alagappan further said that he had tried to call Kalaipuli S Thanu to discuss the issue with him, but was unable to contact him. According to him, a producer would welcome the election winner, regardless of who it was, as actors were important for producers.