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Amy Adams On Unequal Pay In Hollywood: I Fight My Own Fight


Actress Amy Adams says she is not interested in sharing her views on the issue of gender inequality in Hollywood, and likes to “fight her own fight”.

“I don’t want to talk about my own experience because I fight my own fight and I feel comfortable doing that,” Adams told T magazine while talking about gender pay inequality in Hollywood, reports dailymail.co.uk.

“There’s not a lot of empathy out there for celebrities… I spent a lot more time educating myself about what women executives get paid,” she added.


Adams says she began educating herself after the Sony hack in 2014 that revealed she and actress Jennifer Lawrence were paid much less than their male counterparts in American Hustle.

She has even started mentoring younger actresses in the hope of a more equal ground in the Hollywood pay system.

“It’s important to talk about inequality. But for me, where I feel most empowered is in educating myself and being, hopefully, a mentor for younger women,” she said.

Photo: Marie Claire