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Andhra Pradesh Caps Ticket Prices in Its Multiplexes and Single-Screen Theatres

The Andhra Pradesh government issued a notice on Thursday regarding maximum ticket prices at both multiplexes and single-screen theatres. This came soon after the announcement of providing relief measures to the state’s film industry and movie theatres to help them recover the losses incurred during the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown.


The rates fixed for admission varies from Rs 30-75 in economy class, Rs 50-150 for deluxe class and Rs 80-250 for premium class in multiplexes under the Gram Panchayat, municipality area, Nagar Panchayat area to the municipal corporation area. It varies from Rs 10-40 in economy class, Rs 15-60 for deluxe class and Rs 20-100 for premium class in single theatres (AC) and Rs 5-20 in economy class, Rs 10-40 for deluxe class and Rs 15-60 for premium class in non-AC single theatres.

The order advised theatre managements on making provisions for online ticketing which should not be more than the maximum permissible admission rate for that class in that particular area.

Among the refreshments sold in the theatres, the government ordered compulsory free drinking water and not exceeding the maximum retail price while selling refreshments.

While the order permits the management to charge lesser than the maximum rate after informing the authorities concerned, the order mentioned that any violation of the maximum ceiling rates will hold the management liable to action taken by the License Authority. It would include a show-cause notice and a personal hearing ahead of a penal consequence.

The state government has also mandated that the state government’s short films/slides and public interest messages including those supplied by the State Film TV & Theatre Development Corporation Ltd, must be screened for 120 seconds before the start of every show and for 30 seconds during the interval of every show.

Besides several other directions regarding the staff training drills, entry and exit, the order also mentioned the GST or taxes payable along with the tickets to the show organised for raising funds.


The state government had earlier waived fixed electricity charges of the theatres and provided financial support to the stakeholders through an interest subvention scheme to restart their operations.

After staying shut for almost a year due to the pandemic-induced lockdown, theatres in Andhra Pradesh are set to reopen with new restrictions on ticket prices from the government with Vakeel Saab and Sulthan releasing in theatres on Friday.