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Anti Indian: Censor Board Suggests 38 Changes in Tamil Film, Including Its Title

Anti Indian, the upcoming Tamil film, has been asked to undergo 38 changes, including its title, by the Central Board of Film Certification’s Revising Committee, the film’s director C Elamaran told Silverscreen India on Thursday.


The film marks the debut directorial of Tamil YouTuber and movie reviewer Maran who is popularly known as ‘Blue Sattai Maran’ as he wears the same blue shirt in his movie review videos. He has around 1.25 million subscribers for his Youtube channel. Besides directing the film, Maran has written the film’s story, screenplay, dialogues and composed the music. 

The film, starring Radha Ravi and Narian, is produced by Adham Bava under Moon Pictures production house. 

Speaking to Silverscreen India, Maran said, “We submitted the film to the Central Board of Film Certification for certification on April 6 and the board’s Examining Committee refused to certify the film. We then approached the Revising Committee for reconsideration. A 10-member panel headed by Kannada filmmaker Nagabharna suggested cutting certain scenes and dialogues to make it eligible for release.”

Maran said that suggestions included the change of the names of two political parties mentioned in the film and the names of two characters, of which one plays the role of a politician representing a national party.

“The Committee members said that they would grant U/A certification if we make those 38 changes and submit the film again for review. However, we feel that the changes suggested by the committee will affect the film’s central storyline and significant scenes,” Maran said.

Maran said that since the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) was abolished in April under the Tribunal Reforms Ordinance, they can no longer challenge the cuts.

“We have requested the CBFC to permit us to submit the movie to re-revising committee. If that doesn’t work, our last resort will be the court,” he added.

In a press statement, the film’s producer Adham Bava said, “We hope we will get a favourable decision and wish to release the film in theatre hassle free.”


Anti Indian’s motion poster was released on May 15.