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Ashish Vidyarthi Narrowly Escapes Drowning

Actor Ashish Vidyarthi nearly drowned in the Shivnath river when shooting for his upcoming Hindi film Bollywood Diary. The actor was in Raipur shooting a pooja scene in the waters of the river when the water level increased suddenly. He was pulled to safety by the director of the movie, Satyam and a police constable, Vikas Singh.

A grateful  Vidyarthi wrote on Facebook,

Namaskar bandhu .. Since the news is already in the public domain , to reassure my loved ones I am posting the following..
I and coactor Shiv had a close call the day before yesterday while working on the banks of Shivnath River, here in Bhilai.
Quick thinking and absolute and total selfless bravery on the part of our director Satyam and constable Vikas Singh, who both dived into the river, saved the situation from getting any worse . Thanks to both these real life heroes, all are safe and no one was injured.
Even as lessons have been learnt about the mechanics which could lead to such touch and go situations… The jackpot for me was a “No brainer” revelation … BEING ALIVE IS A PRIVILEGE …

Image courtesy: Ashish Vidyarthi’s Facebook page