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Bharani Apologises To Kamal Haasan On ‘Bigg Boss’: Episode 20 Recap

Bharani, who tried to escape the Bigg Boss house before being evicted, opened up to Kamal Haasan in Sunday’s episode of the show. 


When Kamal told Bharani that he should have put up a fight instead of trying to escape, Bharani said, “I entered the house in a bid to stay till the end of the show. I fought back so many issues inside the house. But the girls in the house gathered one day for a meeting, and said that there was no safety in the house if Bharani continued to stay. Even the men in the house agreed. They also said they won’t eat unless Bharani is evicted. Why should I be a threat to women in that house? I’m innocent and I couldn’t digest this unnecessary blame. I was hurt and heartbroken, and just wanted to leave the house that moment. ”

He added, “When I was nominated for eviction the previous week, the audience saved me with their votes. Forgive me for getting out of the house even though the audience wanted me to stay there.”

Kamal then wanted to know who would win the show. “When I left the house, I just heard one voice bidding farewell. That was Oviya. She will win!

Meanwhile, among Aarthi, Vaiyapuri, Juliana and Oviya, who were nominated for eviction last week, Aarthi was sent home.