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Censor Board Certifies ‘Oru Pakka Kathai’ With No Objection To The Word, ‘Intercourse’

The team of Oru Pakka Kathai has been battling with the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) for the past seven months after the CBFC denied the film certification unless the word “intercourse” was removed. The film’s release remained stalled without the certification. Now, the board green signalled the word and certified the film, U.  


Director of the film, Balaji Tharaneetharan told Silverscreen, “When the film was sent for certification, five months ago, the regional censor board had ordered a cut for the word ‘intercourse’. We had then approached the revising committee. The revising committee cleared the film with no objection to the word. Still, the board wanted to check with their head office in Mumbai to certify the film. Ten days back, they called us and certified the film with a ‘U’. Now, they have no objection to the word. May be because of the change in the CBFC chief.”

“As a filmmaker, I’m happy that my work has been accepted and certified. I felt the freedom of a filmmaker, when  there was no cut ordered by the censor. We will be planning the date of release soon,” he added. 


Anguished over his battle with the CBFC, he said that the film has no violence, no double-meaning words, and no item numbers. “Despite this effort to make a clean film, my film was denied a certificate,” he said.

Balaji said that the word is used during a conversation between a girl and a doctor. Removing the word would impact the subject.

Oru Pakka Kathai, starring Kalidas Jayaram and Megha Aakash, is a teenage romance.