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Cinematographers Union Elections Postponed To December 13

Elections for the South Indian Cinematographers Union will be held on December 13, 2015. The elections were originally scheduled to take place on November 8. For approximately seven years, there have been no elections to choose the executive members of the Union. After a recent executive meeting, the members of the Union decided to have a democratic election for the betterment of the Union.


The November 8 date was postponed due to its proximity with Diwali, and members of the Union would be busy celebrating with their families. A petition had filed with the election officer, Mr Senthil Nathan, requesting him to officially postpone the elections. However, as the petition was ignored by the officer, union members subsequently filed a similar petition at the Chennai City Civil Court.

On November 4, Justice Vasanthi ordered the election officer to announce a new election date. Mr Senthil Nathan subsequently announced the new election date as December 13, which is also the second Saturday of the month.