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Critics Review Roundup: While Films Continue to Release Both Online and in Theatres, West Bengal Gears Up for Festive Releases

Films like Sivakarthikeyan‘s Doctor and Panja Vaisshnav Tej‘s Konda Polam released in theatres this week, while Bhramam was an OTT release on Amazon Prime.  The week saw films like Pushpa and Acharya firming up their theatrical release dates, further evidence that big banner films are set to release in theatres in 2022.  For OTT platforms, shows and documentaries like House of Secrets: Burari Deaths help compensate for the lack of movies.


Silverscreen India brings to you a roundup of reviews of films that released this week, both in theatres and on OTT platforms.


The Nelson Dilipkumar directorial features an ensemble cast of Sivakarthikeyan,  Priyanka Arul Mohan, Yogi Babu, Milind Soman, Redin Kingsley, and others. The story revolves around Varun, a doctor, who takes the law in his own hands and helps solve a case of kidnapping (and human trafficking), and the movie lightens up a seemingly heavy premise with generous does of comedy.

Sinndhuja of Silverscreen India, wrote that apart from the meticulous construction of frames in this otherwise bizarre comedy, “Nelson excels at this metered infusion of comedy at right intervals, lacking which, Doctor would have made us yawn or cringe or both.”

Ranjani Krishnakumar of Film Companion had similar sentiments, while praising the film for its excellent casting, with Babu getting more screen space than usual for his “self-deprecating and insulting humour.”

For Haricharan Pudipeddi of Hindustan Times, a “terrific” action sequence in the first half of the movie was the highlight, along with Nelson’s humour that, he said, made every cliched sequence feel fresh.

Doctor has a current IMDb rating of 9.

Bhramam (Amazon Prime Video)

The Malayalam-language remake of the 2018 film Andhadhun features actors Prithviraj Sukumaran, Mamta Mohandas, Raashii Khanna, Shankar, Unni Mukundan, Leela Samson, Aneesh Gopal, and others. Sukumaran, Khanna and Mohandas played the roles that Ayushmann Khurrana, Radhika Apte and  Tabu did in the original.

Aswathy Gopalakrishnan of Silverscreen India, called the film a comedy “where the audience, that knows the plot’s fundamental secret, can laugh with the hero rather than wait with bated breath for the truth to come to light at the end.”


Anna MM Vetticad of Firstpost, called it faithful and praiseworthy, and added that the religious identity of the hero- that of a Christian- ” is in keeping with a beautiful, long-running aspect of Malayalam cinema: the normalisation of religious minorities as protagonists. With films headlined by Christian and Muslim protagonists, such films reflect the progressiveness of Malayalam cinema and the religious heterogeneity in Kerala,” she added.

For Vishal Menon of Film Companion, while certain instances bring back the charm of the Malayalam cinema from the 1980s and 90s, the long songs and the messy final act are a letdown.

Bhramam has an IMDb rating of 6.


Starring Vijay Sethupathi and Regina Cassandra, the film marks the acting debut of Sethupathi’s daughter Sreeja Vijay Sethupathi.

The film deals with grief and how three different people – a husband, his wife and daughter –  in the same family deal with it.

For Arunkumar Sekhar of Silverscreen India, the film is simple, yet portrays the need to “acknowledge that hope is very much the cornerstone that pushes all forward each day.”

Mugizh is a film that does not portray parents as “people with all the answers,” wrote Vishal Menon of Film Companion, lauding the movie for its minimal approach that does not shout out its noble intentions.


Ashameer Aiyappan of Firstpost wrote, “The cinematic language is consciously unintrusive, with liberal doses of pleasant music (Mugizh has music by Revaa) in the background.” However, she added that the film should have opted for a digital release, as with a runtime of a “mere 62 minutes, the experience ends quickly.”

Konda Polam

Directed by Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi, Konda Polam features actors Panja Vaisshnav Tej and Rakul Preet Singh, in the lead roles.

Konda Polam tells the story of Nallamala forest-based shepherds who are responsible for protecting their sheep from the dangerous attacks of the predators and the red sanders of the region,” according to IMDb‘s synopsis.

For Karthik Keramalu of Film Companion, while the film addresses issues surrounding environmental conservation, it is the conflict that drives the film without altering the landscape of the film.


Haricharan Pudipeddi of Hindutan Times wrote that Konda Polam tries to juggle multiple conflicts, leading to a dilution of the overall impact. Both reviewers agree that while Singh and Tej’s on-screen romance hardly contributed to the story, it was the performances by actors like Sai Chand, and MM Keeravani’s music that stood out.

Konda Polam has an IMDb rating of 6.7.

Apart from the aforementioned films, several Bengali films are expected to hit the screens, starting this week, because of the festive season of Durga Pooja. Some of the films include Rawkto Rawhoshyo, that will have its world premiere on Hoichoi. Other Pooja releases include Baazi and Golandaaj.