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We Didn’t Invite Anyone, Says Rishi Kapoor On Allegations Of Him Manhandling Journalists During Ganesh Visarjan


Rishi Kapoor, who was in the news on Friday (September 15) for allegedly manhandling journalists during the visarjan (immersion) of RK Studios’ Ganesha idol, has now come up with a response to the criticisms. A video shared by one of the journalists on internet showed Rishi and his brother, Randhir, slapping some of the members of the press.

“For those saying I slapped the guy, show me the footage. Why cut the shots? Show the entire video. You cannot shove the cameras in our face while we are trying to make our way through the large crowds, chaos and incessant rains. I am thankful to our fans for showing allegiance to our Ganpati and RK’s tradition for all these years. However, certain TV channels show no restraint. Also, everyone has a camera phone these days. The Ganpati idol needs to go along and if you stay stationary in front of us, how do we move ahead? We gave time to the press for pictures before the procession began. Those claiming we invited the media and then misbehaved should know that we don’t have a publicist, and we didn’t invite anyone. We don’t need this kind of publicity,” Rishi Kapoor told Bombay Times.

On 16 September, reports about Rishi Kapoor assaulting some journalists were published, along with a YouTube video showing them pushing and shoving members of the press. In the video, Rishi and his brother, Randhir Kapoor appeared to be slapping and shoving around journalists and cameramen. Rishi denied these allegations and said, “If I have indeed slapped them why don’t you show the clip of me slapping? I was behaving like the Mumbai police, trying to monitor the situation. They have misinterpreted it that I misbehaved with the media.”

Watch the video here : SHOCKING Randhir, Rishi Kapoor pushed and slapped journalists during ganpati Visarjan

In a bid to clear the air, the actor event re-tweeted somebody pointing out that the news of the journalist who allegedly got slapped was false.


Rishi Kapoor expressed his anguish at having Ranbir targeted in this, stating that the incident was being blown out of proportion. “I may be the tyrant in the family, but how can they blame the boy? He had nothing to do with it. I am saddened. Jaise RK Holi bandh ho gayi, if this continues, we may have to rethink about having our Ganesh procession as well,” he was quoted saying.

Rishi Kapoor had reportedly defended his temperament saying that since there was heavy rainfall it was hard to maintain one’s cool. “There were so many people and so much media. We have not called them. It is impossible when there is so much rain and public to not lose your temper. When we are respecting God, these small time journalists poke the damn camera on your face,” the actor said, drawing flak in social media and also an open-letter by a journalist berating Rishi Kapoor’s blatant arrogance.

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