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Directors’ Association Elections: Ameer, Karu Pazhaniappan, SP Jananathan And Others Withdraw Nominations

Ameer at the Achamillai Achamillai Audio Launch

Several leading directors under the leadership of Ameer have announced their withdrawal from elections to the Tamil Film Directors’ Association, stating that their nominations were unjustly rejected by the election officer. The elections are scheduled to be held on July 21.


Directors Ameer, Karu Pazhaniappan, Samuthirakani, Balaji Sakthivel, Daya Senthilkumar, SP Jananathan, Aslam, Nagendran, Jagadeesh, Balamuralivarman, Virumaandi and Thirumurugan signed their withdrawal from the posts of president, secretary, treasurer, vice president and joint secretary.

They said in a letter, “As informed earlier, we had applied to contest the elections. Yesterday, our papers were scrutinised by the election officer, who rejected SP Jananthan’s nomination outside the law. When asked for a reason, we got no substantial response. The officer said his nomination was valid, but it had to be rejected. He asked us to approach the court if we wanted to oppose the decision.”

They further said, “The election officer is working with the present head of the association to reject nominations against rules, and elections will also not take place as per democratic rules now. We have come to the decision that anyone contesting elections with political influence will not benefit the association in any way. This is against democracy and we oppose it. Under the leadership of Ameer, we withdraw our nominations.”


Speaking to Silverscreen, SP Jananathan said the reason given for rejection was that Ameer endorsed Jananathan’s candidature after filing his own nomination as president. “The election rules state that this is not allowed and it is not democratic for a president nominee to support his opposing team’s head. Director Ameer’s candidature can be rejected under this rule, but it is no reason to reject mine. We sent a letter to the election officer seeking explanation, but he said that my nomination must be rejected and I worked together with Ameer on this.”

The director said they don’t plan on taking the matter to court. “We want the elections to take place without any hindrance. Whoever comes to power must work for the betterment of the association.”


On June 10, director Bharathiraja was selected for the post after a unanimous decision was made at the general body meeting in Kamala Theatre in Chennai. Days later, SP Jananathan said in an interview that a president must be elected to power. He said director Vikraman, the president of the previous term was also selected without conducting polls, and this must not become a norm.

Following this, Bharathiraja announced his resignation from the post saying, “I am well aware of the problems that will arise from being appointed without contesting elections. I volunteer to resign from my post to facilitate elections in a democratic way. I will give my guidance and support for the association’s future.”

Sources confirm that Barathiraja will not be contesting these elections. As of now director Selvamani has filed his nominations to contest for president. Director P Vasu is in talks to form and head a team. The elections will be held as planned on July 21.