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Don’t Pit Us Against Each Other: Ram Charan On Rangasthalam, Bharat Ane Nenu Comparison

Rangasthalam Movie Stills Starring Ram Charan

The back-to-back success of the films Rangasthalam and Bharat Ane Nenu resulted in an online debate amongst fans as to who fared better. Well, that was inevitable as it has been happening for years now. However, in a new development, actor Ram Charan spoke to a leading English daily where he rubbished all the comparisons.

He was quoted as saying, “We (Mahesh and Charan) are both very happy at the success of our films. To suggest that we are in competition with one another as to whose film will make more money is untrue. Needless attempts by mischief makers.”


The actor added that this divide and rule attitude could spell doom for the industry and said, “Divide-and-rule policy doesn’t work. We can flourish as an entertainment industry only if we work as a united organization. Whatever profits come from our films will benefit the industry as a whole. There was a period of a lull just before these two films came along. The Telugu film industry is doing well. That to me is more important than any individual success.”

While at the outset it might seem like just the right thing to say, one would also know that it is a big deal to do so because not many Telugu actors come out in the open to say anything like this.