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Election 2014 Vignettes

Ajith Kumar Waits to Vote

Actor Ajith Kumar was at the polling station at Corporation Primary School on Kuppam Beach Road, Thirvanmiyur with his parents Mohini and Mani, and wife Shalini Ajith as early as 6.30 a.m and waited for almost 45 minutes to cast his vote. While officials urged Ajith to enter the room and vote soon after he entered the polling station, the actor patiently waited for his turn and was seen making small talk with an elderly lady who was right behind him in the queue.

When some other voters at the booth came to talk to him, he was politely formal. “Someone asked him to wait inside the polling station to escape the weather, but he preferred to wait outside. We had to keep an eye on the crowds gathering outside the poll booth to see him, but no one disturbed him at the booth. Even those waiting with him at the polling station, though initially enamoured, did not bother him,” said an official at the polling station.

Surya Votes on Crutches


Actor Surya was seen at the Hindi Prachar Sabha polling station  on Thursday around noon with a leg injury sustained during the shooting of Anjaan in Goa and a crutch. The actor, who had flown in from Goa to vote, was seen with his brother Karthi Sivakumar, his father Sivakumar and the rest of his family.

When photojournalists asked him to pose for the camera with his voter identity card, the actor’s dad accidentally gave him brother Karthi’s card. After posing for a few shots, he realised the error and swapped it for his card.