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Emraan Hashmi Says Captain Nawab Poster Not Plagiarised From Call Of Duty

Emraan Hashmi, whose promotional poster for Captain Nawab was trolled on Twitter for being too similar to a picture from the video game Call Of Duty: Black Ops, has said that there was no plagiarism, reports the Mumbai Mirror. The film is about a new Indian army recruit who crosses the border into Pakistan.


Hashmi, who is producing the film, said the poster carried a generic image which can’t be copyrighted. He said, “I don’t think there is a copyright on a picture of someone sitting with two guns in their hand. We didn’t take the trolling seriously but did say that the similarity starts and ends there.”

He also said there was more to the poster than those similarities. He said, “They failed to notice the concept of India on one side and Pakistan on the other and criticised us for only one aspect. We moved on. That wasn’t the main poster anyway, it was just an announcement. The new artwork will be different.”


Emraan also said that the film wasn’t a biopic of any specific individual, though parts of the story had been drawn from a book. He said, “It’s not really a biopic but inspired by a true event with excerpts taken from this person’s experience in Pakistan. It’s the story of a new army recruit who crossed the border. He was in Pakistan for a considerable time and it’s about how he’s stuck between both countries with them questioning him. We aren’t saying it’s a particular person’s life, there’s a book which is a source of inspiration. But a lot from it has been edited and some bits added to the script.”