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FEFSI, TFPC impasse continues: Film Employees Federation Seeks Govt. Intervention

TFPC, Stunt

It’s been two days since RK Selvamani, president of the Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI), called the Producers’ Council for a round of negotiation regarding the ongoing strike. The TFPC, however, is in no mood for talks and have decided to proceed with the shoot.

With the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) refusing to meet the demands, the FEFSI has now sought out the help of the Labour Commission to sort out the issue.


Angamuthu Shanmugam, general secretary of FEFSI, said, “The TFPC is not ready to negotiate and sort out the issue. Now, we have sought government intervention and have approached the Labour Commission. The commission had called the TFPC and the FEFSI for a meeting on Wednesday but the TFPC members did not turn up for the meeting. Now, the meeting has been scheduled for Friday. We will take a call only after the meeting.”

On calling off the strike, Shanmugam said, “For now, have no plans of calling off the strike. No film shoots are happening on Thursday.”

The FEFSI wants to renegotiate the “general conditions” regarding the daily wages of its employees which was recently revised by the TFPC.