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Former German Actress Accuses Roman Polanski Of Rape

Roman Polanski, Rape, Renate Langer

Renate Langer, a 61-year-old former German actress, has accused filmmaker Roman Polanski of raping her at a house in Switzerland, in February 1972. She was 15 then.


Langer is the fourth woman to publicly accuse Polanski of sexual assault while they were teenaged, reports nytimes.com.

Langer said Swiss police officials have told her that she would be told whether she could pursue a criminal complaint. Switzerland has eliminated its statute of limitations on child sex abuse cases but the law limits prosecution in cases that happened many years ago. Langer said she had approached the Swiss police because she believed the statute of limitations would allow her complaint to be investigated.

Polanski was earlier accused of rape by Samantha Geimer, Robin M, and Charlotte Lewis.