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Gurmeet Choudhary And Sayani Datta Starrer ‘The Wife’ Resumes Shoot

Actors Gurmeet Choudhary and debutant Sayani Datta starrer The Wife has resumed shoot on Wednesday in Jaipur at the Zee Studios‘ studio. The shoot that began in March came to a halt during the national lockdown as the spread of the coronavirus increased.


Written and directed by Sarmad Khan, the urban horror film is being bankrolled by Zee Studios. The team has commenced shoot adhering to all the government-mandated safety guidelines along with additional safety measures.

Zee Studios took to Twitter to announce the news.

The crew members have been tested at their hometowns as well as in Jaipur before entering the shooting floor. They have also been under quarantine for a certain number of days.

The entire shooting floor of the Zee Studios facility in Jaipur has been divided among the crew to maintain social distancing. Each crew member has been assigned a colour-coded card where each colour indicates the amount of access to the shooting floor to avoid any sort of crowding on set. Make-up and costume departments are donning the full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) set while the rest of the crew have compulsory face masks, face shields, and gloves adorned.

Additionally, for any requirements to be sourced from the city, a crew, that has access only until the front gate of the facility, has been hired. They would source the required materials and hand it over to the security at the front gate for complete sanitisation.


Shariq Patel, CEO, Zee Studios who is behind all the precautionary measures said, “We have taken all precautions to create a bio-bubble for the entire cast and limited crew. We’re excited to resume shooting of our production at our facilities in Jaipur not just adhering to government-mandated guidelines but with additional safety precautions.”

Actor Gurmeet Choudhary said he is excited to get back to work after the necessitated hiatus. “With only about 40% of the shooting schedule left, I’m pumped and full of energy to go back to sets in this new normal. I am thankful to Zee Studios for taking all the necessary precautions to make sure everything goes smoothly during the shoot. Our set is in Zee’s Jaipur studio, which is located right beside our hotel, so the commute is short with minimum contact with the outside world. Hats off to the team on putting in that extra effort and making the shoot environment fun, safe, and most importantly possible!”

“Initially I was a little apprehensive about starting shoot during these times but all of that was put to rest the moment I stepped into the studio premises and looked at the immense safety arrangements taken by Zee Studios for the entire team,” said actor Sayani Datta.