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Actor Mohan’s Comeback Film ‘Hara’ to be an Action Drama Exploring a Father-Daughter Relationship

Mohan from Hara

Hara, the upcoming Tamil film starring veteran actor Mohan, will be an action drama exploring the relationship between a father and daughter, director Vijay Sri tells Silverscreen India.


The film marks the actor’s comeback to the Tamil film industry after 14 years. He was last seen in the 2008 movie Sutta Pazham.

Speaking about his upcoming film, filmmaker Vijay says, “Hara revolves around a father and a daughter. Though there have been many films in the past exploring this theme, our film will specifically stress on the need to teach the Indian Penal Code (IPC) in schools. Only police officers and lawyers know the law, but I think it is important for the public to know about it as well. Just like how arts and craft, sports, etc, are taught in schools, basic legal knowledge should also be taught to children.”

Vijay has also written the script of the film. “I had the idea for this film for years, but I seriously began to write it only in 2019. Around the same time, I also started having talks with Mohan sir to rope him in,” he tells us.

On casting Mohan, the filmmaker says, “Mohan sir is someone who is liked by all. For this film, I did not want a superhero-like father figure, but someone whom people can easily relate to. By superhero, I mean fan-made heroes with whom I’ll have the pressure to cater to their fanbase.”

Hara also stars actor-politician Kushboo Sundar, who will be playing the role of Mohan’s wife. While the two actors have previously shared the screen in Telugu cinema, this film marks their first collaboration in a Tamil film.


“We will be revealing details about the other cast and crew members shortly,” says the director.

Hara is backed by Coimbatore SP Mohan Raj and G Media’s Jaya Sri Vijay. The film went on floors in the second half of March in Chennai and the team has already completed one schedule. The filmmaker adds that Hara will also be filmed in Coimbatore and Ooty.

The team is looking to wrap up the shoot by June, says Vijay, adding that the film will have a theatrical release this Diwali.