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Hindu Makkal Katchi Wants To Protect The Public From Kamal Haasan


A complaint was lodged against actor Kamal Haasan by members of the Hindu Makkal Katchi recently. The actor’s recent remarks forced the party to file the complaint, reports said. In its complaint, the party has accused Kamal of offending religious and public sentiments through his comments on social media and other networking sites.

In a television interview to a Tamil news channel, the 62-year-old actor referred to the Mahabharata as the place where a woman was used as a pawn in gambling. In the Hindu epic, Draupadi is wagered away by the Pandavas. This action eventually leads to the Kurukshetra in which millions are slaughtered.

According to a report in The Hindu,  the Hindu Makkal Katchi has said that the speech of the actor may incite enmity between groups and might disturb public tranquility.

In a related incident, members of the party attempted to burn an effigy of Kamal in Erode. While they were stopped in time by the local Police, the incident did cause some minor ‘disturbance’ to the Public. The party clearly failed to understand the double standards at play here, but thankfully, the Police did. Three members of the Erode branch of the Hindu Makkal Katchi were arrested. 

Silverscreen has learnt that the Police are yet to take action of any kind against Kamal Haasan.

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