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‘History Gives Us A Sense Of How To Deal With Contemporary Problems’: Mammootty While Promoting Mamangam

Mamangam Movie Stills Starring Mammotty

With the release date set for 12 December, the cast and crew of Mammootty starrer Mamangam is on a promotion spree for the movie. Mammootty and select members of the film’s crew were present at a media interaction where they spoke at length about the film.


The members of the press were shown some promos of the movie, songs, and some videos on the making of the mammoth sets. Vivek Ramadevan, Executive Producer, Kavya Film Company said, “We are really excited and at the same time little nervous. Mamangam is one of the most expensive movies to come out of the Malayalam film industry, and it is multi-lingual.”

Set around 800 years ago, the movie is about a multicultural festival that began as a religious festival and soon morphed into a trade fair where traders and craftsman from all over the world would come. With time, the land became a contentious issue. According to Ramadevan, “Mammootty sir is playing a role with multiple shades, we are keeping the details secret, and the audiences will know when they watch the film.”

Director M Padmakumar said, “I am grateful to this opportunity. It is not every day that a movie of such a scale gets made. I am happy to be a part of something so special.” Director Ram, who was present at the interaction and also wrote the dialogues for the Tamil film spoke of the similarities of this story to various old Tamil texts.

Shankar Ramakrishnan, who has adapted the screenplay said,  “It is essential that movies like this get made. It is because of Mammootty sir’s vision that this project has come to life. South India was so different back in the day, and that’s why this is a Pan-India project.”

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The VFX in the movie is a critical aspect. The team from Baahubali has worked on Mamangam as well. RC Kamala Kannan, VFX Director said, “There are 2,050 VFX shots in the film. Mamangam is very unique. There was already an elaborate set and we needed to give it a perfect look. This is my first-time as a VFX artist where I worked based on the reel count.”

Actor Mammootty said, “History is what gives us a sense of how to deal with contemporary problems. Mamangam’s story definitely has a relevance to what we are seeing to day in the world around us. This is not a revenge drama. It delves into the philosophy that there is no point in revenge. The way that this has been conveyed in really beautiful and I hope the audiences enjoy this.”

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