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“I’m Not 18 Yet, I Cannot Vote,” Shah Rukh Khan On Nihalani’s Condition To Release ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ Trailer

The mini trailer of SRK’s upcoming film, Jab Harry Met Sejal, which was released recently, features a scene in which Anushka Sharma mentions the word ‘intercourse’ to Shah Rukh Khan. The Central Board Of Film Certification, headed by Pahlaj Nihalani, had objected to the word ‘intercourse’ as part of the dialogue.


SRK, who met his fans and addressed the media on Eid, said, “If they (CBFC) find certain dialogues unsuitable for the family audience, we will get them changed. But I hope they will understand the context when they watch the entire film.”

Earlier, Mr Nihlani wanted Indians to vote to have the film’s trailer released. He said, “I want one lakh votes as I want to know whether Indian families want their 12-year-old kids to understand the meaning of this word (intercourse).”

When asked about Nihalani’s comment, SRK quipped:” I am not 18 yet, so I cannot cast my vote.”