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Is it Vaalu vs VIP?


The love-hate relationship between actors Dhanush and STR is legendary. While the actors have patched up their differences publicly, their onscreen rivalry continues. The teaser for ‘Vaalu’ has several digs apparently aimed at Dhanush, which has the fans of the ‘Mariyaan’ actor up in arms. The dialogue in question, mouthed by actress Hansika, is eerily reminiscent of a dialogue from Dhanush’s ‘Padikkadhavan.’ Several fans recorded their outrage on social media sites, which prompted vehement denials from STR who said,  “It was already part of the script and was not added by design to hurt any particular individual. Dhanush and I are good friends now and have no reason to disrespect each other like this.”

Now, it is being said that the audio launch of Dhanush’s ‘Velai Illa Pattadhaari’ and Simbhu’s ‘Vaalu’ will both take place on the same day. Both actors blithely ignored all the fuss, wishing each other success on their social media sites. If their frequent interactions on twitter are to be believed, the actors seem to have moved on putting their past behind them, but we never really know, do we?