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‘Ivan Thupparivaalan’ Song Gives Insight Into Vishal’s Character


The song, ‘Ivan Thupparivaalan’ from Tupparivaalan, is based on Vishal’s character Kaniyan Poongundran, a detective.

The lyrics, written by the director Mysskin, dominates the rhythm and the tune. Mysskin has sung this song, in fact, more than singing he recites the character traits of Thupparivaalan in his inimitable stern voice. 


Music director Arol Corelli, who made his debut with Mysskin’s Pisaasu, has kept the tune simple with just one standard beat throughout the song. Hemambiga’s voice adds to the melody.

While describing the character of Thupparivaalan, Mysskin recites, “Uyaram 6 adi, niram karuppu, manam vellai.” This sounds as if it is attributed more to Vishal than his character.

This is definitely not the song that one would wish have on the loop. Listen to it if you want to know more about Vishal’s role in the film.

Here is the link to the song: