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Jiah Khan’s Mother Writes Open Letter To PM Modi

Rabya Khan, mother of late actress Jiah Khan, wrote to the Indian Prime Minister about the incompetence of the CBI in handling the investigation of her daughter’s death. In her letter, she highlighted that the CBI had shown some reluctance towards taking up the case, and consequently, failed to conduct a proper investigation. The CBI’s independent forensic expert opinion, too, is inconclusive, she said.

“I am a British citizen, the mother of Jiah Khan, who was murdered in India – Mumbai on June 3, 2013. It has been four years now that I have been persistently fighting for justice. All the forensic evidence that I have obtained from experts in India and England is pointing towards homicide.” Rabya further said that anyone looking at the actual facts in the case can realise that the case has been heavily “managed”.


She further threw light on Sooraj Pancholi, her daughter’s alleged boyfriend then, who may have used his father, Aditya Pancholi’s influence to shift the focus from the case. “I approached the Hon’ble High Court earlier this year with all the relevant grievances and expert reports requesting re-investigation by a Special Investigation Team (SIT). The CBI opposed, but the Hon’ble High Court noted in its order that all the points raised in my petition can be submitted to the trial court,” she wrote.

The entire open letter was published by Times Now.

Jiah Khan was a Bollywood actress known for her roles in Hindi movies Ghajini and Housefull. On 3 June, 2013, she was found dead in her apartment in Mumbai. Since then, her death case has undergone many developments.

Initially suspected to be a suicide, further investigations pointed towards the involvement of Bollywood actor Sooraj Panchali, who was then dating the actress. On June 7, the police recovered a note written by the actress talking about her troubled relationship with the actor. Following further investigations, Sooraj Pancholi was arrested on charges of abetting her suicide on June 10, 2013, – a week after her death.

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