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Jithan Ramesh’s New Film Is Titled ‘Nandu En Nanban’

Actor Jithan Ramesh returns to cinema after a sabbatical, with Nandu En Nanban. According to a Deccan Chronicle report, the film will have a crab playing the titular role. 


“I have narrated the screenplay of this thriller in a new manner and since a crab essays a character, we have deployed Hollywood technicians for the CG work. The story is about a crab, which helps the hero to fight villains,” director Andal Ramesh told DC.

The film also stars other Poonam Kaur, Chandini, Santhana Bharathy and RNR Manohar.

Jithan Ramesh was last seen in the horror-comedy Jithan 2, directed by Rahul. He is also filming two other films, Perunthinai and Samarthan.