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Justice Markandeya Katju On Rajinkanth: “Why Do People Want Him In Politics?”

Markandeya Katju Rajinikanth

Markandeya Katju has said that Rajinikanth has no policy ideas, no solutions for the problems faced by the state of Tamil Nadu, and would not make a good politician. 


In a Facebook post, the former Judge of the Supreme Court of India, and former President of Press Council, said he “just cannot understand their (the Tamils’) stupid deification and idolization of filmstars.”

Katju posed important questions: “Has he (Rajinikanth) any solutions to the massive problems of poverty, unemployment, malnourishment, lack of healthcare, farmers distress, etc?” 

To which, a commentator responded:

“Agreed that these are ideal qualifications for a politician. Having said that, who amongst the current politician has these standards? 
If people believe in someone, it’s the heart and good intent of them that they believe in. And if you were to question morals, how come politicians who have proven scams against them still find a seat at the legislature? Double standards?”

Rajini had made another one of his “cryptic” statements about politics, at a recent meeting with his fans. While by now most people believe that Rajini’s statements aren’t actually statements of intent or purpose, and merely his usual means to avoid the topic, some others interpret this to be a proclamation couched in secrecy.

He had said, “God decides what we have to do in life. Right now, he wants me to be an actor and I’m fulfilling my responsibility. If God wills, I will enter politics tomorrow. If I enter, I will be very truthful and will not entertain people who are in this to make money.” Needless to say, the media spent hours analysing the statement

Katju ended his Facebook post with: “Like Amitabh Bachchan, Rajnikanth has nothing in his head.”