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Kangaroo Audio Launched

The audio and trailer of Kangaroo were launched yesterday. Speaking at the event, director Samy said, “Kangaroo portrays the unadulterated love between a brother and a sister. The film will move the audience like Pasamalar and Mullum Malarum.”

Singer Srinivas debuts as a composer with Kangaroo. He revealed that he understood the hardship that a producer goes through to make and release a film. “My job was a lot simple as a singer. As a composer, I understand all aspects of filmmaking, and the amount of hard work that everybody puts in.”


Director and actor R Sundarrajan, who plays an important role in Kangaroo, recounted an instance with Ilaiyaraaja. “When I was actively making films, I was told that Ilaiyaraaja had composed seven outstanding songs and he would give them to the filmmaker who would use all of it in the same film. Balu Mahendra wanted only four, and Ilaiyaraaja didn’t give the tracks,” he said.

Sundarrajan added, “I was not very happy about how Ilaiyaraaja was adamant about giving all seven together. I am a writer and I will have to be more adamant than a composer. I wanted to know what kind of tunes they were. I listened and bought all seven for my film Vaidehi Kathirunthal.”