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Karni Sena: The Country Won’t Tolerate Controversial Shots In ‘Padmavati’

The Karni Sena has said that the country will not ‘tolerate’ controversial shots in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati.

According to a report, the Karni Sena founder, Lokendra Singh Kalvi said, “In case, a controversial shot is added to the upcoming movie Padmavati, the country won’t tolerate it.”

The founder also added how communities like theirs and many others in Maharashtra, Gujarat are in a struggle for reservation rights. “We are going to join hands with such communities to drum up support to make our presence felt to the government. We are not demanding that reservation should be given on financial status. Right now we are demanding review of the reservation to find out the communities benefited by it and the people who had failed to reap its benefit,” he added. 


The Karni Sena attacked the sets of the Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh starrer in Jaipur on January 2017 alleging that the director had distorted facts in the film. The makers were forced to issue a statement denying these allegations.

Later, unidentified assailants torched the Kolhapur sets of the film and set it on fire. The makers revealed that expensive costumes and intricately designed sets were lost in the unfortunate incident.

Padmavati is based on the epic Padmavat. Padukone plays the titular role while Ranveer Singh has been roped in to essay Alauddin Khilji.