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Karthik Muthuraman Launches New Political Outfit


Actor Karthik Muthuraman has begun another political party. The new outfit has been named Manitha Urimai Kaakkum Katchi – Human Rights party. A new flag has been unveiled as well.


A spokesperson for the actor confirmed that Karthik’s previous political party – Akila India Naadaalum Makkal Katchi – had been dismantled a few years ago. The Manitha Urimai Kaakkum Katchi will represent the ideals and objectives of Karthik’s politics now on, the spokesperson added.

The new political outfit was unveiled at a marriage hall in Thirunelveli. Karthik, while speaking at the event, said that he had been shying away from making political statements on his social media account. However, recent occurrences have forced the actor to evaluate his stand and so he has decided to actively pursue a political career.

“I try and make observations about life on my social media account. But there’s always some attempt to introduce politics into my ideas. I have also shied away from any political posts. But recent events had me thinking that this is the right time to take action,” he said.

He plans to get the Manitha Urimai Kaakkum Katchi up and running in time for the proposed by elections in the State. Karthik said that a union with another party cannot be ruled out and that this decision would be announced at the time of the elections.


Careful review of the parties would be undertaken by party officials following which a decision would be arrived at, a spokesperson confirmed.

The emphasis of the new party would be to safeguard the basic human rights accorded to the citizens of India by the constitution. The organisation would protest grievous injustices committed by the Government such as the death of protestors in the anti-Sterlite agitations, the spokesperson said.

Karthik was the State President of the All India Forward Bloc. He quit the position to launch a political party in 2009.  The Akila India Naadaalum Katchi was dissolved in 2014 after which the actor joined the Congress.