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Karunas Thanks Vetri Maaran For Removing Dialogue From Asuran That ‘Could Hurt Mukkulathor Sentiments’

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Actor Karunas, whose son Ken Karunas plays the crucial role of Chidambaram in Vetrimaaran’s Asuran sent out a note thanking Vetri Maaran for removing a line that he said could hurt the sentiments of mukkulathor. The irony is simply stark, considering the movie and its anticaste message.


Karunas is an MLA of the ruling AIADMK from the Thiruvadanai constituency in TN. He contested the 2016 polls on the two leaves symbol and is also the leader of ‘Mukkulathor Pulippadai’, which is a caste outfit.

In his statement, Karunas reportedly said, “In Kalaipuli S Thanu’s production, directed by Vetri Maaran, Asuran, for the lines, ‘We are aanda paramabarai (ruling class-caste). Did we get land from you, or did you get land from us?’ the opposing party says, ‘For how many days will you keep saying you are the ruling caste?’ This conversation was insulting to mukkulathor [also knows as devars, comprising of agamudaiyar, kallar and maravar caste groups]. I requested director Vetrimaaran to remove this dialogue because it is insulting to my people. Vetrimaaran accepted my request and removed the line immediately. I thank him and the crew of Asuran on behalf of Mukkulathor Pulippadai.”


He also said, ‘A movie must be like a mirror reflecting our society. One mustn’t throw a stone on this mirror. If one does, the mirror will break and many feet will bleed. Films must not create this kind of situation ever. Film dialogues must not hurt anyone, this is my opinion.’

Last year Karunas was booked for making an inflammatory speech, in which he told his cadre, “You can even commit murder. But do so after informing me. There should be justification for that [the murder]…”

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