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Kathir’s ‘Iyalvathu Karavel’ To Be a Social Drama about College Life & Student Elections

Iyalvathu Karavel, the upcoming Tamil film led by actor Kathir, will be a social drama that deals with college life and student elections, director SLS Henry tells Silverscreen India.


The film, backed by the Eminent Entertainment, was launched with an inaugural ceremony on Wednesday.

Speaking about his directorial debut, Henry, who has previously assisted R Ravikumar on the upcoming Sivakarthikeyan-starrer Ayalaan, says, “About 3-4 years back, I was working on a script for a college love story. When writing, I usually like to talk to people and gather information as part of my background research rather than using only my imagination. So, when writing this script, I also began to look into student-body elections and political movements in college spaces, and discovered some interesting things. I found out that student elections are not being conducted very often nowadays, and have also taken a more violent, political turn. Hence, I chose to modify the script into one that also deals with elections in college.”

Henry has also penned the screenplay and dialogues for Iyalvathu Karavel. He mentions that the film will centre around a new student who faces several obstacles during his life at college. Further, it will also deal with themes of romance, friendship, and conflicts among students.

Aside from Kathir, the cast includes former child actor Yuvalakshmi, Master Mahendran, Karu Palaniappan, Lagubaran, Aadukalam Naren, and Smile Settai Anbudasan.


Karu Palaniappan and Kathir’s roles were both written keeping the artists in mind, the debutant director reveals. “Kathir’s performance in Pariyerum Perumal had the energy which this film also requires,” he adds.

Ghibran is on board as the music director and Henry tells us he will be composing four songs for the film.

The shooting for Iyalvathu Karavel will commence on March 16 and filming is expected to be wrapped up by the first week of May. The film will be shot by cinematographer Sridhar and the locations will include Dindugal, Puducherry, and parts of North Madras.