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Kriti Sanon Slams Trolls For Policing Priyanka Chopra’s Clothes

Kriti Sanon thinks it’s high time people stopped commenting on what women wear. The Raabta actress was referring to the trolling meted out to her fellow Bollywood colleagues Priyanka Chopra, Fatima Sana Sheikh and Deepika Padukone, this month.


Particularly speaking about Priyanka Chopra facing scrutiny for wearing a short dress to her meeting with PM Modi in Berlin, Kriti said, “Even Modi sir was not wearing a kurta pyjama; he was wearing a suit, which is western. And Priyanka was wearing something very decent. It wasn’t vulgar attire. People need to stop telling women what to wear, or else it should be mentioned that if you’re meeting so and so, please wear a burkha.

She further lauded Priyanka’s recent accomplishments. “Priyanka is someone who represents India in so many ways and has made us proud in the entire world. She’s not someone who will do anything that harms India’s pride,” she said.

This isn’t the first time Kriti has spoken up about women being the targets of moral police and facing flak for the way they dress. On International Women’s Day this year, Kriti had posted a video with a comment: “the same sh*t, different year”.


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This month, Dangal actress Fatima Sana Sheik, got trolled for posing in a bikini for a photoshoot. She was slut-shamed for being “disrespectful” during the month of Ramadan. 

Deepika Padukone was also trolled when photos of her from a recent magazine photoshoot did the rounds. Dressed in a white crop top and white high-waisted underwear, users as usual found it fitting to berate the actress for dressing up “inappropriately”.