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KS Ravikumar on Lingaa’s Plagiarism Charge


KS Ravikumar has spoken out about the plagiarism charge against Lingaa. In an interview to Kumudham, the ace director said, “Accusing filmmakers of copying stories has become a recent and very worrying trend. Several people have come forward to accuse me and Ponkumaran of copying their stories for Lingaa. The point they’re missing is that the plot maybe similar, but the screenplay is entirely different. When Dhoom 3 released, many people called to tell me that it was very similar to Villain. In reality, the plot was the same, but I could not find even one scene that was a direct lift.” He also declared that a person can call a film plagiarised only if the screenplay has been copied exactly. “Two people can have the same thoughts, but make completely different films. If the screenplay is also similar,  only then, it is intellectual theft.”

Lingaa, starring Rajinikanth, Sonakshi Sinha and Anushka, is all set to release on December 12.