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Malayalam Director Priyanandan Attacked For Sabarimala Remarks

Malayalam filmmaker Priyanandan was attacked by suspected RSS members near his home in Thrissur today. The director is being criticised by right-wing forces who staged a protest in front of his house in response to his Facebook post about the Sabarimala row.


According to a report in Azhimukham, the Pulijanmam director was manhandled near his house at around 9 am, with cow dung water poured over him. He said that the attackers roughed him up and accused him of defaming lord Ayappa. He also said that the attackers were locals and he will be able to identify them. He has planned to pursue the matter legally.

“I will take a move against this legally. A planned attack was made against me. I suspect RSS-BJP activists are involved in the attack,” the director said in a report.

A few days back, members of the Sabarimala Karma Samithi staged a protest in front of the director’s house, over his Facebook post. The director later deleted the post saying he had used harsh language, and it was a response to someone’s post that he believed was ‘equally provocative’. However, he maintained that there was no change in his opinion on the subject.

When right-wing forces demanded an apology from him for the posts, and threatened to disrupt the release of his new movie Silencer, he told Keralakaumudi, “I am not ready to apologize. It’s natural to have difference in political opinions. Threats against me are not right.”


He also said that unlike the allegations made by the detractors, he does not hold any particular god or religion in a superior regard. His movie crew has people from different religion and they believe in different ideologies.

He mentioned that movies have released despite threats from groups previously, and he is confident that Silencer too will release in theatres across the state.

Image Courtesy: BigNewsLive