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#MeToo In Tamil Cinema: Actress Khushboo Echoes Her Colleagues; Questions Chinmayi On Her Silence All These Years

Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi, Kushboo and Others At The Success Meet of Meesaya Murukku Album

Echoing most of the film fraternity (those who have spoken out) and the rest of the society at large, actress Khushboo, during a recent talk show on Thanthi TV, wondered why Chinmayi had not filed a complaint against lyricist Vairamuthu with one of the industry’s councils soon after the harassment took place.


While reiterating that she supported Chinmayi and the #Metoo movement, Khushboo said that the singer should have filed a complaint with any of the associations in the industry. “There is a committee in Nadigar Sangam and even in the FEFSI. Why didn’t Chinmayi approach the singers’ association and file a complaint stating that unless Vairamuthu proves his innocence, he cannot continue writing?”

When asked if the industry and its various councils follow the Vishaka Guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court in 1997 to address sexual harassment at workplace, Khushboo said, “When we are not recognised by the government, how can we have laws regulate us? When it comes to production houses, we formed our own committees to address such cases.”

Reacting to Khushboo’s statements, singer Chinmayi, in a set of tweets, said that while everyone is well within their right to pose questions, the allegations still remain unaddressed now that they are out in the open. She also wondered why the Tamil media has turned its focus on her even as other women have made accusations, with A R Raihanan calling the predatory nature of the lyricist an open secret.

Chinmayi’s husband, actor Rahul Ravindran, addressing a note to Khushboo, said that it was heartbreaking to hear an important voice in the industry posing such questions. “Even in 2018, we only see the victims being interrogated, not the accused. The perpetrators, especially when powerful, are protected at all costs,” he said.

Chinmayi then tweeted out the stats detailing the number of pending cases in court and the dubbing union. She also said that a dubbing artiste was removed from the union for complaining.