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Minjur Gopi On Kaththi Plagiarism

photo of Minjur Gopi

Director AR Murugadoss has been accused of plagiarism by an aspiring filmmaker, Minjur Gopi Nainar. Minjur Gopi has alleged that the story of Murguadoss’s Kaththi is copied from his script, Moothakudi. There have been other allegations of plagiarism surrounding Kaththi. The first look poster is said to be a copy of a Turkish newspaper’s advertising campaign, and the popular coin fight scene is inspired by this scene in Midnight Dojo. However Gopi’s allegations are the most serious surrounding the movie.


Speaking to Silverscreen, Gopi claimed to have met Murugadoss thrice to discuss his script. He added, “I have known Murugadoss for over a year and a half and had narrated the story (of Moothakudi) to him. Eventually, when the shooting for Kaththi began, I kept hearing rumours about the plot and I was shocked at the similarities with the script I had narrated to Murugadoos. That is when I lodged a complaint.”

Gopi filed a claim against Murugadoss in Chennai, but that case was dismissed by the courts citing ‘lack of evidence.’ However, Gopi has not let up on his claims.

Producer Vishwa Sundar, Gopi declared, is his ‘biggest evidence’ that the story is his. “I narrated the story to him much before I did to AR Murugadoss, and he offered to produce the movie. When circumstances forced him to drop out, I approached Murugadoss to help produce the film.” He also claimed that AR Murugadoss and his team led him on and kept putting off the project using one excuse after another. “They said that they were waiting for the dates of a star and that I need to be patient. I believed it and waited.”


Gopi said that the situation was exacerbated by the presence of middle men. Vijay’s publicist, PT Selvakumar had tried to offer cash to get him to withdraw the case, he said. “I met PT Selvakumar at a hotel in the city where he offered to pay me for withdrawing the appeal. I refused, because I deserve credit and recognition for this story.” While PT Selvakumar chose not to respond to the allegations, AR Murugadoss’s spokesperson categorically denied the claims and said that Gopi ‘has never been in contact with Murugadoss’.

“So many people have approached me claiming to be associates of AR Murugadoss. If the man himself had come forward earlier and discussed this issue with me, half the problem would have been solved. The irony is that despite so many of his men coming forward to meet me, Murugadoss still maintains that he never met me.”


When we reached out to AR Murugadoss for comment, his spokesperson told us, “This is a deliberate smear campaign and a plot to extort money from Murugadoss. We have never engaged in underhanded deals and will definitely not begin with this. We deny all his claims and will fight it legally.”

Recent reports indicate that Murugadoss will now file a defamation case against Gopi and is readying himself for a legal battle. If found guilty, Gopi could face up to two years in prison, or choose to pay a hefty fine. Gopi is aware of the pitfalls that lines his struggle and is of the hope that he will get justice this time around. “People like me have no recourse than to trust in the fact that the needhi devadhai is truly blind and will not be swayed by power and wealth.”