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Murungakkai Chips starring Shanthnu Bhagyaraj and Athulyaa Ravi to release on Dec 10 in theatres

Murungakkai Chips, the upcoming Tamil film starring actors Shanthnu Bhagyaraj and Athulyaa Ravi in the lead roles,is set to release on the big screens on December 10. Produced by Libra Ravindhar Chandrasekaran under the Libra Productions banner, it has been directed by filmmaker Srijar.


Speaking to Silverscreen India about his debut directorial, Srijar, who had previously assisted filmmaker Bharathiraja, says that this film can be categorised as a romantic comedy and it is set in Chennai. “It happens over a span of one night. Shanthnu and Athulyaa play a newly wedded couple. While the groom and bride are in a conflict over a certain matter, the film follows the comedy of errors. It also has involves them taking part in trials to succeed in what they want. Athulyaa plays a shy bride,” he says.

The shooting of the film went on floors in March 2020 by cinematographer Ramesh Chakravarthy, Srijar adds. He says that it came to a halt due to the lockdown induced by the Covid-19 pandemic. It was later wrapped up, along with post-production by mid-2021, the director says. Dharan Kumar has composed three songs for the film and the film is edited by Jomin. The movie runs to a total of two hours 21 minutes.


Other cast members include Bhagyaraj who has played Shanthnu’s grandfather, Urvashi who plays Athulyaa’s aunt, Yogi Babu, Munishkanth, Manobala and Mayilsamy, among others. “We had initially titled it as Mundhanai Mudichu 2 since it is the same kind of genre. However, we later changed the title to the present one. To bring the flavour of the old film, we got the senior artists from the old film to be part of it,” he added. Mundhanai Mudichu is 1983 romantic comedy directed by Bhagyaraj starring himself and Urvasi.

The director mentioned that the film is expected to play at about 300 theatres across Tamil Nadu and talks are on with OTT platforms for post-theatrical release.

Srijar’s next will also be a romantic comedy, he says.