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Nanbenda Team Goes To Court

Nanbenda’s hero and producer, Udhayanidhi Stalin, has challenged the decision of the viewing committee to not award tax exemption to his film. In a formal petition, Red Giant Movies’ manager has alleged that the members of the committee have been extremely biased towards their firm due to ‘political reasons’. Shenbagamoorthy, speaking on behalf of Red Giant, said, “We’ve already questioned the qualifications of several members in the committee. The case is still pending in court. I would also like to point out that almost all our films have been denied tax exemption recently. If that’s not bias, I don’t know what is.”

The film released on April 2 and has been receiving less than favourable reviews. It has Udhayanidhi Stalin and Nayanthara in lead roles, with Santhanam and Sherin rounding up the cast.


The court, upon hearing the case, has ordered the Commercial Taxes Commissioners Office to respond to the suit. A reliable source told us that the film was denied exemption, because it contains ‘several vulgar scenes and content that was against Tamil culture’. The production firm has strenuously denied the claims. “We’ve been cleared with a ‘U’ certificate. I don’t understand how they can award us a ‘U’ certificate and not give us tax exemption,” said Shenbagamoorthy.

A final decision will be made on the case on April 7.