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OKK Will Deliver A Cultural Shock: Vairamuthu

At the audio success meet of director Mani Ratnam’s Oh Kadhal Kanmani, lyricist Vairamuthu revealed some interesting things about the movie and its songs:

1. Oh Kadhal Kanmani deals with a subject that will deliver a cultural shock to the society. He also added that good reviews about the movie can be posted everywhere, while any bad reviews should be told over phone.


2.  Vairamuthu praised AR Rahman’s refreshing youthful music. He said that Oh Kadhal Kanmani’s songs charmed him too, although he doesn’t belong to the younger generation.

3. Malargal Keten is a song that a girlfriend can sing to her boyfriend, and at the same time, the song can even sound like a devotee talking to his God.

4. Mental Manadhil, which has lyrics written by AR Rahman and Mani Ratnam, is making waves on the social media. Vairamuthu said, “I was not in town and two new lyricists came up with Mental Manadhil.” He further added that he found the lyrics hard-hitting and full of energy.