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Parthiepan Thinks Both Rajini And Kamal Are Ideal Candidates To Lead Tamil Nadu

Parthiepan believes that it is high time actors Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan made their political debut. The actors have flirted with the idea of joining politics for a while now.

In conversation with Silverscreen, Parthiepan said that both actors are ideal candidates to lead the state. “Rajini sir is deeply spiritual; Kamal sir is a known atheist. Apart from this difference, there is nothing that makes one actor better than the other when it comes to leadership. Both have natures and characters that are ideally suited to lead Tamil people. They already have legions of fans, and have done a lot of good to the state through their organisations. It is high time that they start doing good for the state on a larger level now.”

Expressing his dissatisfaction with the current political climate in Tamil Nadu, Parthiepan said that a change in leadership is necessary if Tamil Nadu was to move forward.

“Nothing has been done since December 2016. We have not made any progress for over two years, which is a sad state of affairs. It is time for us all to move on and choose a better person to lead us.”


Parthiepan also feels that Kamal and Rajini do not need to enter politics to reap financial rewards. “They are some of the biggest stars in the country right now. They don’t have a need to join politics just to fatten up their bank accounts. You can rest assured that their only priority would be to do better for the Tamil state.”

Parthiepan was quick to add that he cannot choose between Kamal and Rajini, however. “Both are my well wishers. I can never choose between them.”