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“Every Woman Will Relate To Rani”: Parul Yadav On ‘Queen’ Kannada Remake

Parul Yadav on Butterfly, Queen Remake

Parul Yadav says that Rani (from Queen), and her journey, will resonate with every woman. In an interview to The Indian Express, she speaks about the remake, her preparation for the role, and the impact it has on her.

Parul Yadav will be playing the titular role in the Kannada remake of the Kangana Ranaut starrer Queen. Titled Butterfly, the remake will be directed by Ramesh Arvind. Talking about her role, Parul said, “When I watched ‘Queen’, I asked myself why I didn’t get such a role. I’m glad I’m part of its Kannada remake. The story of Rani, unfortunately, can be found in every Indian household. It’s very sad that a lot of women go through such a phase in their lives.”


She added, “It’s a great character. Just like Rani, a lot of Indian women are vulnerable and they need such a story to motivate themselves; to rise against all odds and evolve in life. I’m sure even Kangana would have accepted the film because of the character and great story.”

Talking of the differences in nature, between herself and the role she plays, Parul said, “It gives me the chills. I have stopped watching the original. I have started treating it as just another film. Rani is very vulnerable but I’m a very confident person. I need to play the part with a sense of insecurity. It’s not going to be easy.”